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This initial write up on this page was written by a friend of the Biviano family through the eyes of their oldest son Joey.   Listening to Joey and allowing him to share how Billy's diagnosis impacts his life allows those who love him to provide the support he needs.  

November 2012:  Billy is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of 14 months.

My name is Joey and I am 7 years old.  I live in Hillsborough (Millstone) with my mom and dad, along with my twin brothers Michael and Billy who are 15 months old.  My parents waited a long time to give me a brother or sister, but instead of just one, I got two!  They are growing so fast and are getting into everything. I just cannot wait until we can all go outside and play ball together.

Michael is climbing, walking, and even saying words now.  He reaches up for his cup, plays in his Jump-A-Roo, and even tries to steal my toys!  When I tell him “No”, he gets really mad and starts to cry.  But Billy is different.  He used to like to sit up and try to say words and then one day, he just stopped.  My parents took him to the eye doctor who gave him glasses, but that didn’t work.  When Michael was walking at their first birthday, Billy just sat there smiling, not saying a word.  I would call him by name and he would not turn around, while Michael would turn around right away. We know he can hear because when he was sleeping, he would hear the floor creak when I would walk by and he would wake up. My mom and dad took him back to the doctor.  This time he had to go see a specialist called a Neurologist.  This doctor did special tests on Billy’s brain.  

Then one day a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, Billy had to go to Morristown Memorial for a really big test called an MRI.  My mom and dad were worried because he had to be put to sleep.  But the worst came when a whole bunch of doctors came in to the waiting room to tell my mom and dad they found something called a tumor.

Billy’s tumor is not the like normal ones.  His is pretty big and the doctors say they cannot take it out.  It’s like a spider’s web, wrapped around all the important parts of the brain. The doctors did this test called a “Needle biopsy”, to find out exactly what kind of tumor it was, but even after that they still couldn’t tell what it was.  My parents took Billy to all sorts of different doctors, and everyone said the same thing. “We don’t know, we have never seen anything like this,” or, “He needs more testing”.  Ugh!  

Right after Christmas, Billy and my parents met with another kind of doctor called an, “Oncologist”.  He treats people who have tumors and cancers with special medicine.  It’s supposed to make the tumor get smaller, but it can also make you really sick.  Just last week Billy had to get a blood transfusion, then a few days later he got a fever and had to spend two days in the hospital.  He even takes special medicine so he doesn’t throw up. Michael and I are sad and pretty scared.  We hate seeing our brother so sick all the time.  Sometimes we hear our mom and dad crying…..the whole thing makes us so mad and sad, that we cry too because there is nothing we can do.  

So that is why I am writing you this letter with the help of one of my friends.  I want you know how much we love Billy and would do anything to help him and my parents. Please join me in surrounding my family in love and saying a few extra prayers for my little brother. 

- Joey Biviano   

January 2015

After his diagnosis, Billy underwent 15 months of chemotherapy (40 treatments) at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.  40 treatments was the allowable amount for someone his age at that time.  MRIs indicated the tumor was no longer growing but that it was also no longer responding to the treatment or shrinking.  Due to the secondary risks and treatment restrictions due to Billy's young age, chemotherapy was stopped and his port was removed.  Billy's family took him to Memorial Sloan Kettering where a pediatric oncologist agreed with the treatment plans.   The Biviano family began to live their life in 3 month segments, MRI to MRI, and on absolute prayer.

An MRI on November 3rd, 2014, showed the tumor was enhanced.  An MRI was repeated 8 week later to keep a close eye on Billy.  That MRI on January 5th, 2015, showed even more enhancement but also growth.  The Biviano family is now at a crossroads with Billy's condition.  It is difficult to biopsy Billy's tumor due to the location which makes knowing the best way to treat it difficult. His parents have many decisions to make and there is pressure to make the right decision. Billy's parents are scared, anxious and frustrated.  They are praying that God can help point them in the right direction, one that will help Billy more than hurt him.   



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