As race day appraoches, you can mentally start to question your fitness level and loose confidence or be on top of the world because you've come so far and can't wait to rock the course. Either way it's all normal stuff that can be classified under pre-race jitters.  

From this point forward each long training should be a dress rehearsal for race day. 

  • Shoes:  You should be walking/running in the shoes you intend to wear on race day.   Even start noticing which socks are most comfortable for you. 
  • Clothes:  We will be asking that you wear our team shirt in the race, but you should have found the shorts that fit best -- ones that don't chafe or rub. 
  • Routine:  How early do you need to get up to be awake on the starting line?  Do you shower? Do you drink coffee?  This is the time to confirm what works for you and know that it's different for everyone. 
  • Food:  Pay attention to what you are eating the night before and the morning of your long run/walk.   Stay consistent with what works.   Undoubtedly someone always makes the mistake of changing their diet on race day as they think they'll need more energy.  
  • Nourishment:  Practice drinking while training so you know how many sips you can stomach without a cramp, practice stomaching gu's or electrolyte chews if you plan on using them on race day.