We joined Steps Together because we feel passionate about the cause. We are grateful for your support through your event registration and we invite you to do more! Imagine the difference we could make if every participant reached into their network to raise funds and awareness.

You can raise additional funds by reaching out to your friends, family and co-workers asking them to sponsor your walking and running effort.  For example, if you ask 50 people (relatives, friends, coworkers neighbors) to sponsor your effort by making a donation.... if only half of them reply and donate as little as $20 each, that's $500.   If just 100 participants take that challenge, that's $50,000.  It’s that easy.

Many people view fundraising with an uncomfortable feeling especially in our economic times.  However the needs of the families supported by Steps Together do not change with the economy.    Below are a few tips to help you feel comfortable asking for support.

1.  Remind yourself that donations are not increasing your bank account. You are helping families in our community who are facing an unavoidable and unexpected health crisis.

2.  Don’t think of collecting dollars as your main objective.  Focus on raising awareness and making a difference and the donations will follow.

3.  Put yourself in your donor’s shoes.  Have you ever been offended by a friend asking you to support a cause they were passionate about?  It’s unlikely. Most people feel good when they can help others.

Before you ask, spend time talking about the event or talking about your upcoming walk or run and invite friends to join you. It's all about warming up your market to the upcoming ask.