This list of Questions and Answers are specific to the Steps Together united walking and running team.  For all other questions, please click here.

  • Participants:  Walkers and runners can join our team to support Steps Together.  For their donation, all team members receive guided training via email with training tips, suggested workouts, invitations to attend group training sessions, and fundraising advice should they wish to expand their donation network.   Team members also receive a team shirt to wear on event day which will highlight both team sponsors and participating beneficiaries.  
  • Venue:  Steps Together will participate in The Steeplechase Distance Walk/Run on September 25th, 2016.  The race, which supports the nearby Cancer Center, is based in Hillsborough and is one of the fastest growing road races in New Jersey.   The race offers a variety of events including a 5K Run, 10K Run, 2-mile walk and Childrens' Sprints.  See Participant FAQ and Sponsorship for more information. 


Q.  How would I receive money?

A.  There are 2 potential ways you can receive funds for your family:  individual donations and business sponsorship.  When a participant joins the Steps Together united walk/run team, they make a payment to cover their registration fee for The Steeplechase Distance Run and a donation to the beneficiaries supported by our team that year.  

For their donation, participants will start receiving weekly emails with training tips and suggested daily workouts to assist in their preparation for the event. 

Fundraising: In addition to training tips, each weekly email includes suggestions on how to effectively raise funds on behalf  of the beneficiaries that they are walking/running for. Some helpful hints include guidance on writing a personal request letter, the use of social media, and how to overcome the fear of asking.  Those who participate in this aspect of the team will maximize the potential of their own personal network.

Business Sponsorship: We have a 3-tier business sponsorship level program as well, which allows companies to make donations in the amount of $250, $500, or $1,000 to the team.


Q.  Who is paying Steps Together for their efforts?

A.  Steps Together is purely volunteer driven by the desire to help the community in need.  


Q.  What do I have to do?

A.  Simply spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers that you are part of a unified team, which will drive participant registration and business sponsorship enrollment.  They will enroll directly through our site.


Q: Is there a cost to me?

A.  There is no cost to you. 


Q.   Do I have to solicit business sponsorship myself?

A.   Absolutely not. Steps Together will actively solicit business sponsorship for our team.  All participating beneficiaries will be highlighted in the sponsorship request letter, on our shirts, as well as our website. 

Supporting Steps Together is a great advertising opportunity for businesses due to the cross networking of our beneficiaries. 


Q.  Why wouldn’t I just host my own 5K?

A.  Organizing a 5K and 10K is a serious undertaking and often takes several years to be profitable.   Our goal is to allow you to focus on what is important in your life, and we will take care of the rest.  This fundraising framework is a simple way to raise funds through an established walk/run without having to worry about costs or concentrate on the logistics of planning a course, getting it USA Track & Field sanctioned, shutting down roads, organizing volunteers, etc.  We are simultaneously raising money for a cancer facility which benefits the greater community.  In addition, hosting your own road race would not include the team element of a training program and fund raising tips provided by Steps Together.


Q.  Will I have any responsibilities on race day?

A.  No, but we do believe most of your supporters would love to say hello to your family and walk / run alongside you.  We encourage you to participate in the day - even just to stop by and say hello so you can experience the support around you.  But,  we understand, if due to personal circumstances, you cannot attend.