STEPS TOGETHER MISSION: Steps Together provides financial support to families in our community impacted by a medical crisis.  Financial assistance includes, but is not limited to medical expenditures not covered by recipients health care insurance (medically necessary procedures, medical devices or other services), pharmacy expenses not reimbursed by recipients prescription plan, clothing, food, housing expenses, utilities or other expenses deemed necessary by Steps Together.

This page was created to streamline the process of allocating funds to the families assisted by Steps Together.  It is a private page, meaning only those with a direct URL will be able to find it.  

Families that have been with Steps Together through previous allocation processes know that we sent out an email request for an update which was open ended and difficult to complete.  We try our best to understand the demands of your lives, and know that approach often left you feeling like "where do I start?"  We hope this new approach helps you with specific questions in a form format, and will help us as all responses will be organized in one spreadsheet for review.  Please note that we only send out blanket financial requests when we feel our bank account has grown to a point where we can offer assistance to many.

Should you need funds on an emergency basis (when not promoted to complete this form), please reach out to us via email, and an emergency committee decision will be made allocation of funds.  As many of our families are in collections, we consider emergencies things such as the need to purchase necessities for your family, foreclosure on your home or power being shut off.  We recognize most of you live in a state of financial emergency given that almost all our families have lost an income as a result of their situation. We are working hard every day to assist you. 

Please complete the following form with the details of your current needs.  We have added a section for gift cards for those who need groceries, gas or other items. In this area please specify where you shop and get gas so we can purchase appropriately.  The form can be completed multiple times for the same family if you have multiple bills that need paid.  In the case of supplying details for multiple bills that need to be paid, the update section does not need to be filled out each time.

Details communicated here will be shared only in confidence with Board members of Steps Together.  Any medical updates that you would like added to your webpage should be emailed separately.  If you have concerns about sharing personal and/or account information online, please email me to set up a time to set up a phone conference. 

Anyone wishing to skip allocations this go around will not be excluded from future funds. 


** All entries must be received by March 5th.  Decisions and allocations will be made no later than March 15th. **