Try thinking outside the box to reach all the audiences that you have access to.   Your purpose should be to spread the word about Steps Together to drive participation and solicit sponsorship.    

1.  Does your company have a corporate newsletter or intranet that might feature a story about you?  Will your payroll department include your fundraising ask in paychecks? Can you update your email signature with your fundraising link?

2.  Will your boss or senior executives provide an incentive program for your co-workers like matching donations made or providing lunch for reaching a fundraising goal?

2.  Does your church have a newsletter they mail to members? Can you speak about the walk/run at church?

3.  Does your child's daycare or nursery school have a monthly flyer that might include a blurb about the walk/run and your participation? 

4.  Have you contacted your local news media to write a story about your participation in this event?

5.  Ask your close friends and relatives to reach out to their networks on your behalf.   This is a great way for people who cannot contribute financially to support your effort. Make it easy by writing the letter for them. All they have to do is drop it in an email and press send.    Below is an example to get you started:

Dear Friends & Family,  

In Septmeber, my (sister, friend, cousin, aunt, nephew) will be participating in a (2 mile walk, 5K run, 10K, sprint) to support Steps Together.   Please visit (insert direct URL for web based fundraising) to read her story and consider participating in and/or making a donation. It would mean a lot to us to have your support and make a true difference in the lives of those supported by Steps Together.   

Thank you so very much.