This list of Questions and Answers are specific to the Steps Together united walking and running team.  For all other questions, please click here.

  • Participants:  Walkers and runners can join our team.  For their donation, all team members receive race registration, guided training via email with training tips, suggested workouts, invitations to attend group training sessions, and fundraising advice should they wish to expand their donation network.   Team members also receive a team shirt to wear on event day which will highlight both team sponsors and participating beneficiaries.  
  • Venue:  Steps Together will participate in The Steeplechase Distance Walk/Run on September 24th, 2017.  The race, which supports the nearby Cancer Center, is based in Hillsborough and is one of the fastest growing road races in New Jersey.   The race offers a variety of events including a 5K Run, 10K Run, 2-mile Walk and Childrens' Sprints.   See Beneficiary FAQ and Sponsorship for more information. 


Q.  What are the details of the event?

A.  On September 24th, our team will participate in The Steeplechase Distance Run.  There is 5K run, 10K run, 2-mile walk and sprints for children age 2 - 11.   The event will take place at 301 Amsterdam Drive in Hillsborough.

Registration           7:30 am
10K Run                  8:45 am
5K Run                    9:30 am
2 Mile Walk            9:30 am

10K Awards            10:15 am
Kids' Sprints           10:45 am  
5K Awards              11:00 am

Directions and other information about the event can be found by visiting Event Details.  

Q.  How much does it cost to join the team?

A. For a $50 donation ($25 for those 15 and under), participants receive training via email on a weekly basis, invites to attend optional group training sessions, a team shirt and registration for one of NJ's premier walking/running events.    Outside the race registration fee, 100% of the proceeds will be given direct to the Steps Together beneficiaries.   We feel the real financial impact for our families is not in the registration fee that you pay but the opportunity you have to raise funds via sponsorship for your effort.  ($50 donation for the 5K, 10K, 2-mile walk events or to participate virtually,  $20 donation for the children's sprints.)

Q.  How do I register? 

A.   Register online at

Q.  Is there a deadline to register?

A. Online registration for Steps Together will be closed as of September 19th.   We strongly encourage advanced registration as it helps with planning (parking, refreshments, etc).  Those not registered in advance are not guaranteed a team shirt.   Anyone wishing to join our team after September 19th can do so by registering on race day.   Detailed instructions will be provided as the event gets closer. 

Q.  Why does Steps Together not do their own race?

A.  Steps Together participates in established road races so that the focus can be solely on training and fundraising for each of the participating groups. The alternative would be focusing on all the details that go into putting on a road race including things like road closures, starting lines, clocks, water and course certification.  Beneficiaries also benefit as all the volunteers that it would take to put on a race are available to participate in the event and raise funds. 

Q. Am I required to fund raise?

A.  Participants are not required to fund raise. Each weekly email will, however, contain a tip on how to solicit sponsorship should you wish to do so. Steps Together hopes that many participants will partake in the effort to obtain sponsorship from their friends and family as this is where the fundraising impact we have goes from good to phenomenal.  Click here to view our online fundraising tool available to all participants. 

QI would like to support the beneficiaries, but I prefer not to do the run/walk. Can I still help?

A.  Our goal is to help these beneficiaries any way possible. If you prefer to make a donation, but opt out of the run/walk, we thank you in advance for your generosity. Click here to donate.

Q. Can I participate in Steps Together but do a different race or walk/run on my own? 

A. Steps Together is about training, fundraising and awareness. We selected a venue which we thought would accommodate most participants but absolutely welcome people to choose their own race or do their own walk or run. Those interested in doing this should register for the team and when prompted to select an event, choose "Participate Virtually".

Q.  When will the funds be given to the beneficiaries that I'm walking/running for?

A.  The funds will be allocated after the race in early October.

Q.  When does training begin?

A.  Click here for the complete training program. 

Q.  What is group training and do I have to attend?

A.  Group trainings are typically offered on Saturday mornings at 8:30 AM during the months of August and September. All participants are invited to a local park to workout together, but are not required to attend. The team simply starts their workout together on a course designed for the required distance that day, and participants all go their own pace. Many people listen to music and do their own thing, but the group element is very motivating. Click here for details of dates and locations.

Q.  I'm already registered for The Steeplechase Distance Run. Can I still join Steps Together?

A.  Absolutely.  Register @ and select team fee only. 

Q.  I really want to be a part of Steps Together but just can't afford the fees, what can I do?

A.  We ask that everyone remember that the objective of our team is to raise funds and our fees were based solely on that purpose.   But we also see the value in the emotional support that Steps Together provides for our beneficiaries so we are open to working with anyone who wants to be on the team but needs a different pricing structure.    Please email for more information. 

Q. Can my business sponsor the team?

A. Absolutely! We have 3 levels of sponsorship opportunities.  Click here for more information.

Q. Where is the course?

A.  5K Course / 10 Course