The goal is to embrace some form of social media this week to gain support for your participation.  Be it your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers, you have a captive audience at your fingertips.  People want to fund people and the stories behind them so don’t overlook this simple method of asking.

  • Post an update every few days to keep your audience engaged.
  • Include links to make your effort real for the reader like specific pages of the families supported by Steps Together.
  • Add some lightness to your ask by posting about the support and positive energy you are bringing to the beneficiaries through your effort.
  • Make it about you and what you have personally contributed be it endless miles, early wake-ups, training in the dreaded heat. 
  • Make sure your update is friendly and not pushy.
  • Speak from your heart as to why you are raising funds.
  • Remind readers about the time frame to support your effort by posting count downs until event day. 
  • Remember to be grateful and thankful.  Acknowledge anyone who supports you, joins you or mentions you in his or her own feeds.