Do you know someone in our community who needs assistance?

Steps Together provides financial support to families in SOMERSET COUNTY impacted by a medical crisis.  Financial assistance includes but is not limited to medical expenditures not covered by recipients health care insurance (medically necessary procedures, medical devices or other services), pharmacy expenses not included by recipients prescription plan, clothing, food, housing (rent or mortgage payment assistance), utilities or other expenses deemed necessary by Steps Together. 

We can also provide support by establishing a web presence in our Steps Together network.  By doing this we can help serve as a point of contact in the community for the fundraising efforts around a family. We assist with providing fundraising ideas, creating logos, facebook pages and flyers.  The centralized organization provided by Steps Together makes the impact of the fundraising efforts that much more successful. 

To apply for support or contact our organization, please click here.  Applications can be filled out on behalf of families but all beneficiary families must be involved in the decision to apply for support.

Click here to learn about other resources in our community that may be of assistance.