I was a runner and enjoyed participating in mud runs and obstacle races, as well as road races.  I also wanted to get into triathlons and took swim lessons with my good friend Jenn Taras last summer with a goal to participate in our first triathlon together.  Unfortunately, I was faced with a knee injury, followed by a hip injury that forced me to take some time off, and took running off the table for good.  I was crushed and it took a while to get over the disappointment, but my husband and son would visit me at physical therapy to encourage me and remind me that I wasn’t in it alone.  I am blessed to be surrounded with so many wonderfully supportive and motivating friends who lifted me up and kept me going.  Everyone kept checking in on me and encouraging me.  I was able to start swimming again and my swim coach, Dave Lockhart, worked with me to modify my training until my knee and hip were ready for regular workouts.  My good friend Carole Zydiak joined Jenn and I in swim training.  We pushed each other and learned from each other. After multiple injections in both my knee and hip, and 10 months of physical therapy, I am beyond excited to be ready for my first open water swim race and happy to have Carole participating in the same race with me!  On May 25 we will be in the Navesink or Swim 1.2 mile race.  I want to dedicate my first open water swim race to Steps Together so I can help lift others up, just as so many people lifted me up when I needed both emotional and physical support.  Please help support Carole and I, as well as Steps Together so we can pay it forward.



Steps Together is a Hillsborough based 501(c)(3) organization that assists families in our community facing a medical crisis.  Click here to learn more about some of the families that Steps Together supports.   Click here to 'like' Steps Together on Facebook.