Choosing A Goal That Will Ensure Success

If this is the first official walking/running event that you’ve ever signed up for we recommend that you make your goal to finish the distance.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is setting a time goal from the very start.   Regardless of the amount of time that it takes you finish the 5K or 10K course, you have a wonderful opportunity to have an amazingly satisfying experience.  When someone sets a time goal and misses it, even by a few seconds, it can make something that is a great accomplishment feel like less.

Another common goal that people make is to “not walk”.   It’s perfectly okay to walk and often a great way to reserve enough energy to make it to the finish line. Almost all first-time marathoners (and many seasoned) walk and it’s not considered cheating.   By not creating that goal you can allow yourself to walk with your head high because you are still moving towards that finish line and about to achieve something that most people don’t try. 

So let’s make our goal to get to the FINISH line – regardless of how fast we go or how we get there…. Let’s get there together and raise as much as we can for the beneficiary we are participating on behalf of.



Get The Word Out

Steps Together is only as good as the people who know about it.  We ask that every team member print a few copies of our general flyer and hang it in places you frequent.   Hang it in your office, your church, your food store, your gym....wherever you see a place.   Click the image below for a printable PDF of the flyer.  

If you have a distribution list that you can email about Steps Together, send a short note that you joined the team and invite them to learn about it by including a link to our website.

September 25th is still several months away but the reality is we are team that trains, fundraises and prays together.  It's never to early to sign up!