This team was started on the very concept that if each of us reached into our own network and shared the stories of our beneficiaries, we could make a difference for them.   We have done an excellent job providing emotional and financial support but our job is never done.   With one week to go, we challenge each of you to show up on September 29th with just one more donation from one person in your life sponsoring your walk or run.  The amount doesn’t matter as much as the message of support for our beneficiaries.    We however like to do the math and if just 275 of you show up with just one $25 donation, that’s nearly  $7000 more in funds raised.   Please embrace the opportunity before you! 

1.  Send a note to your contacts even if it’s for the mere purpose of sharing the feel good story that Steps Together is.  We are now over 277 people strong and have raised well over $20,000.    Throw in a gentile reminder they can still sponsor you.  

2.  Agree to make one post on a social network about your excitement to participate in the 5K / 10K or watch your child sprint for such a great cause.  Loop in that sponsorship is always welcome!

3.  Wear your Steps Together shirt around as often as you can.  It’s a great tool for reminding those in your life that meant to donate to actually donate.



There isn't much to do this week other than be simple and smart.  Don't try anything new - not a new activity, not a new food.  It's very easy to not try a new workout and avoid excessive weigh lifting but beware of activities that could blindside you and impact your performance.   For example, many of us haven't raked leaves since last fall.... with no team training this weekend, you might think it’s a perfect Saturday to jump on your fall clean up.  It’s not!!!   Take it easy and just store up all that energy for Sunday morning.  

Be sure to eat well, stay hydrated and do your best to get several solid nights of sleep.  Anticipate a restless sleep the night before the race but don’t worry about it.   It's very normal and will not impact your performance as long as you rested during the week.  

Review your training log, don't fret over missed workouts since the crazy of school has started and count on some serious adrenaline to carry you through the course on Sunday.   

Think positive.  Your mind is your biggest opponent now.