These are all very simple safety tips that we all know but it never hurts to be reminded.

  • When possible try to workout with a training partner.  It will be more fun and safer.
  • Consider carrying your cell phone in case of an emergency.  The tune belt is ideal for this…. And quite fashionable.
  • Be sure to tell someone or write down where you plan on walking/running and when you expect to return.
  • Consider carrying a form of ID with emergency contact info and any allergies you may have. Road ID has great products.
  • Avoid wearing headphones.  The more alert and aware you are of your environment, the less vulnerable you are.  The Tune belt mentioned above is great for carrying an iPOD with a speaker.
  • Avoid unpopulated areas, lonely trails and poor lit areas.
  • Vary your route and/or time of day that you train.
  • Run/Walk against traffic.
  • Avoid getting close to cars asking for directions or the time of day.
  • Wear reflective material so motorists can spot you more easily. 
  • Be conscious of weather conditions.  Do your best to coordinate your workout around the weather even if it means getting up very early.  Carry water, drink early and often, listen to your body.  Heat does funny things so give yourself permission to slow down. 




This past week our team more than doubled itself.  We ask that you join us in continuing this momentum by sharing with your network that you have joined the team and invite your friends to join you.   After all, your commitment to training in August is going to be a lot easier if you have someone to do it with.   

If we each agree to bring just one person, one walker or runner in our lives, one person who would love this opportunity to embrace fitness, one person who wants to give back.....  it would be incredible.   

So share that you joined the team on your facebook page or twitter account, send an email to a few close friends or even pick up the phone and ask someone.  Time is on your side.... very few people are already booked for September 29th and there is plenty of time to train!

We share with you an excerpt from  "The Runner's World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training"   for a few reasons…

1.  It proves anyone can tackle any distance.  While it's marathon specific, distance is relative to experience, so we ask that you read it and relate “marathon” to the distance you are taking on. 

2.  We hope you will use it to recruit your friends who "don't walk or run".  Remember, Oprah did it!

3.  We think it speaks to the sacrifice that each member gives to the team.     


"Anyone can run a marathon.  Oprah Winfrey did it.  Senators, presidents, and movie stars do it all the time. The hit reality show The Biggest Loser even culminated in a marathon for the contestants who have lost the most weight - as if to make the point that anyone, even the morbidly obese, can become an athlete with enough grit and determination.

It's been said that the marathon has become the "everyman's Everest."  There is a mystique about it, but even non-runners know what a marathon is. They may not know the exact distance, but everyone knows it's a mighty long way and requires months of preparation.

Indeed, the training is an all-guts-for-little-glory proposition. It involves achy knees, gallons of sweat, chafed skin, and blisters the size of silver dollars.  It requires waking at the crack of dawn to train in weather conditions that most people won't drive in, as well as running solo for hours at a time.  It means fending off accusations that you're crazy - not to mention tackling self-doubt and repeatedly asking yourself why you are doing this at all."

The part about asking yourself why, that’s where Steps Together comes in.  You are doing this to make a difference in someone’s life, you are challenging yourself and that challenge deserves company and support.