FB events have been created for all training sessions thru race day.  Click here to easily join all as a reminder. 

 August / September Saturday training.... 

8:30 to 9:30 AM

Parking Lot F at Colonial Park.  (Amwell to Mettlers, PASS COLONIAL DRIVE and make the next left!) 

All levels of fitness are welcome, walkers and runners.  Our training is very informal. We start together on a marked course and everyone goes their own pace. Many people wear head phones but you'll be amazed how motivating being a part of a group can be. Distances are suggested and marked, people are welcome to cover more or less.  It's a good idea to bring a drink!  You do not have to be registered to attend any training sessions. We will gather, take the footbridge over the canal and complete our walk/run on the towpath for a nice soft, shaded surface.  Public restrooms and water fountain are available. 

August 5th:  5K participants will cover 1.5 miles, 10K participants will cover 3 miles.

August 26th: 5K participants will cover 2.25 miles, 10K participants will cover 4 miles.

THEN we take it to the actual course as there is no better place to practice!   Meet just south of Amsterdam School in the stone lot (next to the tennis courts).  Port-o-Potty may be available.  We will arrive early and chalk the course so you know exactly where to go.  

September 9th: 5K participants will cover 2.75 miles, 10K participants will cover 5 miles.

September 16th: 5K participants will cover 3 miles, 10K participants will cover 5.5 miles.

**Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese Extravaganza**

Sunday Training

8 to 9 AM

Tow path entrance on Amwell Road.

Bill Mather offers training every Sunday mornings year round!   All levels welcome, this is a 1-hour out and back where everyone goes at their own pace. One hour meaning we start at 8 and end at 9 with a group picture, you don't really need to run or walk for an hour. For more info on Sunday mornings, please click here to email Bill.