Meet Tucker Dunn


Hello! I’m Tucker Dunn. I am thirteen and I am currently enrolled in 7th grade at Princeton Academy. I am a frequent runner, and I have ran about 9 5ks over the past 2 years. These words explain how I got the inspiration to form this idea.

I suppose my running career started in Concordia, my old school. I only joined the Track team because my good friend Travis Walton talked me into it. I stunk at short distances, but was pretty good at long distance runs. Then, when I moved back to Hillsborough, my mom signed me up for the school Cross Country team. I was reluctant at first, but I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it. Had I known then, I would’ve joined in a heartbeat.

In sixth grade, my first year as a Cross Country runner. I must say for a beginner I did pretty well. During my Cross Country season I ran my first 5k. What a rush! It was over too quickly, and I didn't even know about the free food at the end, which was an obvious perk. I didn't even care about my time because I was too tired and happy to think. I think then I knew that this was going to be something I would do a lot.

My second year I improved on Cross Country. My team placed first in the Mercer County Tournament and we won a lot of our races. Also, I ran twice as many 5ks, but I realized something. I was winning, but what was that doing for me? It wasn't making me a better person, it wasn't helping me get into college. So then I figured, what's a way to set me apart from other kids, and gain something in running? And hence, the charity idea was born. I decided to help Steps Together because of the help to people in medical crisis it has given. I also felt comfortable about donating to a local charity.

I learned about Steps Together when I ran in the Wellness Run on March 29 at Dukes Farm. I represented Steps Together in the race by wearing their t‐shirt. I was impressed at the number of people wearing the t‐shirt, and realized how much good the organization was doing in our community. It made me want to help them.

I won my age group at the Wellness Run. This sparked an idea of how I could raise money for Steps Together. I plan on attending ten 5ks over the course of the spring, summer, and early fall. If I win my age group, my sponsors would contribute $50 after every race. If I place in my age group, my sponsors will contribute $25. If I do not place, my sponsors will not have to contribute. The maximum amount a sponsor would have to pay would be $500. With these donations, I could potentially raise $5000 for Steps Together.  If individuals want to donate, but not sponsor every race, please use the donation button below. Thank you, and help us raise money for this cause!



How can you support Tucker?

  • Interested sponsors can click here to download Tucker's sponsorship request letter or click here to email Tucker directly for more information.
  • Use the donate button below to make a tax deductible donation and sponsor Tucker. 

Steps Together is a Hillsborough based 501(c)(3) organization that assists families in our community facing a medical crisis.  Click here to learn more about some of the families that Steps Together supports.  97% of your donation will go directly to helping these families, a 3% credit card/paypal fee is applied to all online transactions.

Tucker wins his age group for the first time ever at The Steeplechase Distance Run in 2013.

Tucker wins his age group for the first time ever at The Steeplechase Distance Run in 2013.

Tucker's Race List

  • April 27th - Run With Rotary 5K
  • May 4th - Princeton 5K
  • May 10th - Our Lady of Lourdes 5K
  • May 17th - Pennington 5K
  • May 22nd - Legal Runaround
  • May 31st - Hillsborough Hop
  • June 22nd - Run for Danielle
  • July 10th - Lawyers for Kids
  • September 6th - Fallen Heroes 5K Memorial Run
  • September 28th - The Steeplechase Distance Run







Tucker's Sponsors

Patricia A Carragher, LLC

Diane Schilke, REMAX Preferred Professionals

Newell Strength