How do you write an "ask" letter?   Keep it simple and speak from your heart.  

  • Detail whom Steps Together benefits.
  • What is it about Steps Together’s efforts that mean the most to you?
  • Share if anyone in your life benefited from Steps Together.
  • Share what makes you want to participate in this effort to raise funds.
  • What in your life is similar to those being supported?
  • Mention how good it feels to help others.

Other suggested inclusions:

  • Include donation directions. (e.g., include a link to your personal fundraising page).
  • Consider leaving the “ask” amount open-ended. If you ask for $25, you will receive $25.  If you leave it open, you may receive $50 or $100.
  • Break it down:  By forgoing a specialty coffee just one day a week for a month, someone could save enough to donate $20.
  • Include details of your fundraising goal, if you have one.  
  • Invite recipients of your letter to share your purpose and goals with their networks. 
  • Encourage donations today although the event is not until September 28th.
  • Remind donors about corporate matching gifts.

Who should receive your letter?

  • Print out the holiday card address labels and be sure to reach out to every contact via email or a printed and mailed letter.  Emails are easier to delete than mailed letters.
  • Anyone who has donated to your efforts in the past.
  • Your entire workplace network.
  • Your neighbors who will see you doing your training walks and runs. 

Finally, keep the momentum going.

Use soft reminders like Facebook, Twitter and email to share your excitement after a donation is received or you've had a great workout.   End each one with links to how people can support your effort.  

Get out there and be unstoppable just as you would hope someone would be for you! We promise you'll be amazed by the response you get. 

If you prefer to go a step further, consider making your “ask” in the form of video.